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Build your brand with Hanging Space

Walk-in Wardrobe

Incorporate Hanging Space furniture into your new build project, and set your homes apart from the competition with top-end furniture at a competitive price.

At Hanging Space, we work closely with you to devise beautiful storage designs for your new homes. Creating an individual style for each project, we address the requirements of each room separately to ensure that the correct storage is combined with sleek, contemporary design.

Blend our experience and expertise with your goals and target buyer to produce a finished property that presents itself with the right blend of character and utility.

Our unique style and product allow us to tailor our projects to meet your aims; any size, any shape, any finish, we give you the freedom to accommodate the needs of the modern discerning homeowner.

It may be tempting to skimp on the cost of fittings for your projects. We are all well-aware that the interior fittings marketplace is saturated with cheap, uninspiring furniture. We at Hanging Space know that the case against mass market furniture is clear: cheap fittings bring no value to a property. Our luxury product will not only raise the immediate value of your properties, it will also increase the calibre of your brand. The status of independent, UK based brands cannot be discredited when you consider the image that you present to prospective clients.

We understand the needs and challenges of professional design and development, and we know that our luxury fitted wardrobes and storage areas are the right choice for you. To visit our showroom and experience our product and finishes first hand, call or email to arrange an appointment now.